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Top Stories from Drug Topics: 2016With the uncertainty surrounding the 2016 presidential campaign, and continual concern about the U.S. economy, many of our most-popular stories this year debated the job market for pharmacists.
Remember When: You first heard the pharmacy school question?
Remember When: You first heard the pharmacy school question?If you’re a pharmacist, you’ve undoubtedly heard the question, Are there too many pharmacy schools?
How to find satisfaction and reward in your pharmacy careerThere are so many opportunities for pharmacists out there. Technology can help uncover them, and we can follow them to a fulfilling career.
Pharmacist surplus could be a good thing—eventuallyDavid H. Kreling, PhD, a professor at the School of Pharmacy, University of Wisconsin, Madison, and the principal investigator for the ADI project for the Midwest Pharmacy Workforce Consortium, thinks a surplus of pharmacists could spur positive change.
1976: Nation's supply of pharmacists is smaller than you thinkAn "outpouring of new pharmacy-school graduates." "Fears of a manpower glut." 2016 headlines? Nope. The year was 1976.
How pharmacists can find jobs, get paid, and win provider statusIf nothing changes between now and 2018, we may see a 25% oversupply of pharmacists in the marketplace. Then again, we may not. What happens between now and then is, in large measure, up to us.
Pharmacist job market improvesFollowing a disappointing November report indicating the nationwide supply of pharmacists had exceeded available jobs, the Pharmacy Workforce Center this week released analysis showing an improved job market in both December and January.
What should be done about the oversupply of pharmacists?For years, anecdotal evidence suggested the increase in pharmacy schools and resulting spike in new graduates, as well as the slow track toward provider status, might be creating more pharmacists than available jobs.
Report: Supply of pharmacists outnumbers jobsIf you're after a job in pharmacy, you might want to take a look at Alaska, Arkansas, or Louisiana.
2015’s Top Cities for pharmacistsAn online consumer advocate group has named Huntington, West Virginia the best U.S. city for pharmacists in 2015.