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Pharmacists and Patients Worry About Naloxone Dispensing
Pharmacists and Patients Worry About Naloxone DispensingNaloxone is available, but is it actually being used?
Walgreens Program Creates Cancer-Specialized Locations
Walgreens Program Creates Cancer-Specialized LocationsHow Walgreens is helping pharmacists be more involved than ever in helping cancer patients.
Collaborative Diabetes Model Saves Health CostsHow a diabetes clinic that includes a collaboration between an endocrinologist and a pharmacist can produce thousands of dollars in health-care savings.
New pharmacy designs boost profits, patient careBuilding a new pharmacy? Whether for independents or retail chains, here are some useful considerations.
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Managing vaccine inventories: Tips for pharmacy servicesVaccines are specialty medicines in pharmacy inventory management. Here are some tips on their proper handling, storage, delivery, and administration.
The changing face of pharmacy
The changing face of pharmacyAlong with shifting healthcare delivery and payment models, the practice of pharmacy shows many signs of transformation.
Job tips for pharmacy grads, 2015Looking for that first pharmacy job? Here are a few things to keep in mind.
Canadian Medical Association calls expanded pharmacist functions beneficialPharmacists in Canada were recently given broader responsibilities including, in certain provinces, prescribing privileges, vaccination abilities, and the ability to order and interpret laboratory tests. This newly expanded role for Canadian pharmacists can benefit both patients and physicians, according to an article in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.