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High-Alert Medications
High-Alert MedicationsHigh-alert drugs pose a significant threat to patient safety. There are safeguards that pharmacists should put in place to reduce the risk.
The red pen rules: How to prevent pharmacy errorAnxious new pharmacists get a shot in the arm from columnist Pete Kreckel, RPh.
You want fries with those meds? How ’bout some very fast surgery?"I want it and I want it NOW" is not always your best move. Especially with the pharmacist who is filling your Rx.
Pharmacists write in, Part 2: Why mistakes happenHere's more of what blew up Dennis Miller's mailbox.
Pharmacists write in: Worst mistakes, Part 1Pharmacists open up about the ones that haunt their dreams.
Who is to blame for pharmacy mistakes?When multiple factors are involved, the issues may not be as clear-cut as you think.
My most serious pharmacy mistakeOver the course of a career, errors are inevitable. For pharmacists, who never forget that lives are at stake, the prospect is chilling. Yet close calls still happen. This was one.