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How Pharmacists Can Lead an Opioid Exit Plan
How Pharmacists Can Lead an Opioid Exit PlanManaging post-op pain is a team effort—and who better to lead the team than a medication expert?
Walgreens Fights the Opioid Crisis
Walgreens Fights the Opioid CrisisWhat a large national chain is doing to combat opioid abuse (and what other pharmacies can learn from it).
Food, Juice, and Drugs: Hold the Grapefruit
Food, Juice, and Drugs: Hold the GrapefruitDo your patients know about the interactions between common foods and drugs? We take a look at what you need to know.
5 top ways to get paid for helping patients with med adherenceReimbursement for MTM services is still a challenge for many. An insurance executive offers some well-vetted tips.
Pharmacy claims data can help med adherencePrimary nonadherence has been a barrier to optimal hypertension management. Claims data can help identify patients who need interventions to improve compliance.
The pharmacist’s calling is to educate patientsToday’s pharmacist is much more than a healthcare professional who oversees the distribution of drugs. Pharmacists can be and often are the patient’s first-line healthcare educator and risk manager.
More Rx-to-OTC switches on the horizon?Statins and ED drugs lead the way, and there are plenty more on the horizon.