pharmacist communications

The Top 10 Best Pharmacy Customers
The Top 10 Best Pharmacy CustomersSometimes customers are people too.
The pharmacist’s calling is to educate patientsToday’s pharmacist is much more than a healthcare professional who oversees the distribution of drugs. Pharmacists can be and often are the patient’s first-line healthcare educator and risk manager.
Clinical detachment vs. personal touch in pharmacyPharmacists must walk a careful line in the practice of ambulatory care pharmacy. Here are some things to think about.
Warm fuzzies in the pharmacy: The importance of being well likedProfessional success is not just about doing your job well. It's also about how you interact with co-workers.
A pharmacist’s real job: The art and ethics of communicationsPatients must be taught what their meds mean and why they're taking them. That's a job for the pharmacist.
Four prescriptions for successful pharmacy practiceThe most powerful drug in your pharmacy is not what you may think.
Social media and pharmacy: 6 tips on best practicesPharmacies that don't use social media will soon go the way of the dinosaur. Here are six tips for making these modalities work for you.
Management Toolbox: Five aspects of motivating and empowering your team through changeHow to lead a great team by being a great team leader
The good of every patientEffective communication is the keystone of pharmacy ethics in daily practice