pharmacist collaboration

Pharmacy Moves to Barber Shops
Pharmacy Moves to Barber ShopsCollaboration can take pharmacists all kinds of places—but almost always results in healthier patients.
How Pharmacists Are Helping Hep C Patients
How Pharmacists Are Helping Hep C PatientsA Walgreens study found that pharmacist collaboration helps Hep C patients with better outcomes and cheaper co-pays.
Prescribing rights: Worth it?
Prescribing rights: Worth it?Pharmacists are now recognized as providers nearly everywhere—now that they have the status, what does it mean?
The new patient-centered pharmacyPatient-centered pharmacies, which put consumers and their relationship with pharmacists and caregivers at the center of the business model, is producing improved outcomes.
Better health, lower costs the result of incorporating pharmacists in the management of complex patientsIncorporating pharmacists into a team approach for care of patients who require specialty pharmacy services can help manage cost and improve medication adherence.
NACDS Foundation grants to help hospital-discharged patientsThe National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) Foundation has provided $1.8 million to researchers to study the impact of pharmacist-collaboration in medication management for patients who have been discharged from the hospital.