phakic implants

Scleral implant for presbyopia making accommodative gains
Scleral implant for presbyopia making accommodative gainsImplantation of an investigational device for presbyopia resulted in a minimal 2-line increase in distance-corrected near visual acuity and an actual reduction in the amount of near add needed over time, show findings from a single-center, subgroup analysis.
Comanaging non-corneal refractive surgeryLast time we discussed the benefits of phakic intraocular lenses (IOLs), including patient selection criteria for both anterior chamber and posterior chamber lenses. Now, let’s discuss the comanagement of phakic IOLs including outcomes, perioperative care, and complication management.
Vision à la carte: Designing visionThe concept of vision à la carte allows all ophthalmic surgeons to design vision for each patient individually, using all of today’s technologies and techniques.