Global eye care hope soars with airborne teaching hospital
Making phaco platform transition increases surgical safety, efficiencyWhen his surgery center was in the market for a new phacoemulsification platform, medical director Jonathan Solomon, MD, decided to switch from a unit equipped with a flow-based peristaltic pump to technology that features a vacuum-based Venturi system (Stellaris PC, Bausch + Lomb).
Experience with a single-use, preassembled silicone I/A tip systemAn I/A tip system comprises a preassembled, single-use silicone I/A tip, which has advantages over other commercially available products. It helps to reduce capsular rupture during cataract surgery and also eliminates tricky tip assembly and cleaning.
How manual cataract surgery rivals phaco for dry eye changesA study showed manual small incision cataract surgery does not affect tear film stability or tear secretion differently than phacoemulsification does, while it also does not make patients' eyes more dry, either.
Femtosecond laser surgery still raising bar for cataract surgery outcomesFemtosecond laser cataract surgery has demonstrated comparable safety, superior effectiveness, and greater efficiency compared with traditional phacoemulsification.
Surgeons favor dual-linear foot pedal for efficiency in difficult casesA survey of cataract surgeons operating with a proprietary phacoemulsification unit explored their use of dual-linear foot pedal control of fluidics and phacoemulsification power.
Phaco platform proving positive in physician’s practiceFeatures of a new phacoemulsification platform provide surgeons with improvements to outcomes, safety, and cost and time effectiveness.
Balanced tip design minimizes need for longitudinal energyThough there is a short learning curve for performing a direct phaco chop technique with a 45° balanced tip, it makes surgery more efficient by eliminating or minimizing the need for longitudinal energy.
Cataract surgery cuts glaucoma risk in eyes with pseudoexfoliationCataract surgery appears to reduce the risk of glaucoma in eyes with pseudoexfoliation (PEX) syndrome, researchers said.
Managing dislocated IOLs with scleral suture fixation
Managing dislocated IOLs with scleral suture fixationLos Angeles—Scleral suture fixation of the IOL-capsular tension ring (CTR)-capsular bag complex is an effective option for surgical repositioning of a dislocated IOL, according to Robert K. Maloney, MD.