Peter A. Kreckel

Pharmacists Are the Vitamins of Healthcare
Pharmacists Are the Vitamins of HealthcareThe Father of Vitamins was an incredibly important person who went unthanked—just like pharmacists.
Bread Baking and Health CareMaybe the health-care industry could learn something from Pete Kreckel's mother.
Staffing Makes the DifferenceIt isn't the number of prescriptions that makes a good day in the pharmacy, it is the staffing.
Dispensed as written: Fingerprints
Networking: The ability to make yourself uncomfortableFor true networking to occur one has to give of oneself, and maybe not so ready to be on the take.
Do Clothes Make the Pharmacist?People are looking--and judging.
All in the family: Two generations in pharmacyWith this article, a group project from reader Pete Kreckel, Rph, and his wife, daughter, and son-in-law, Drug Topics launches a new series that will present your stories: how you came to pharmacy, how your path unfolded, and where it led you. Our goal is to show new pharmacists how many choices and opportunities appear to those whose minds are open to new possibilities. Here's your chance to share what you have learned through your life in pharmacy! Send your contributions to [email protected] today.