Peter J. McDonnell

Ophthalmology and death by poison
Ophthalmology and death by poisonMy position is that murdering people with poison is a terrible thing, even if the victim is an annoying parent, mother-in-law, or department chair. It's morally wrong, plus the penalty would likely be severe (suspension of operating privileges or even being fired—unless, of course, you have tenure). Yet ophthalmologists certainly have the means to go around poisoning folks.
Giving weight to worrisome reportsPeople—like my neighbor and I—for centuries, have tended to give too much weight to negative news stories and gloomy predictions. Hence my resolution for 2016 to pay less attention to the doomsayers and pour more drinks for my friends.
Trending Now Hottest editorials of 2014The hottest editorials by Peter J. McDonnell, MD, chief medical editor of Ophthalmology Times, included why ophthalmologists are the 99%, an attack on elite educational institutes, and making fun of doctors.
Is honesty really the best policy?
Is honesty really the best policy?Politicians rarely tell the truth, so why should ophthalmologists . . . right?
An Attack on Elite Educational InstitutionsTwo zombies are eating a comedian. First zombie says to the second one: “do you taste something funny?”
The Grotto of Font-De-GaumeExamining the intelligence of the early man through artistic expression
A cutting-edge focusUnderstanding these challenges, Ophthalmology Times is retooling its editorial direction, transitioning from a clinical newsmagazine to a resource that will explore the innovative concepts, insights, and discoveries in ophthalmology.
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