Peter J. McDonnell, MD

Trending Now Hottest editorials of 2014The hottest editorials by Peter J. McDonnell, MD, chief medical editor of Ophthalmology Times, included why ophthalmologists are the 99%, an attack on elite educational institutes, and making fun of doctors.
Is honesty really the best policy?
Is honesty really the best policy?Politicians rarely tell the truth, so why should ophthalmologists . . . right?
Realizing the fullness of lifeThe play "Our Town" may be three-quarters of a century old, but my feeling is that there is a message here for today’s ophthalmologists. I sometimes think there is a risk that we physicians can get caught up in the minutiae of medical practice—transitioning to electronic medical records, fighting for pre-authorizations to get our patients the treatments they need, dealing with the Byzantine system of medical billing, etc.
An Attack on Elite Educational InstitutionsTwo zombies are eating a comedian. First zombie says to the second one: “do you taste something funny?”
At issue: Is MRSA testing and prophylaxis a worthwhile approach?Although infections caused by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) are a prominent concern for cataract surgeons, leading ophthalmologists discuss the pros and cons of performing universal MRSA screening to guide targeted prophylaxis.
We [ophthalmologists] are the 99%!Like you, I chose to attend medical school with the goal of helping patients who were ill and needed curing, comforting, or both. So perhaps the financial rewards of a career in medicine have made you feel slightly embarrassed and concerned that people might be resentful or jealous. Well, here’s good news: research suggests we physicians aren't so financially successful after all.
The Life of Albert SchweitzerDr. Peter McDonnell discusses his thoughts on the recent Ebola outbreak in Africa and the physician who inspired the philosophy of reverence for human life.
McDonnell UniversityAfter a meeting with a former fellow whose wife owns a university, Peter J. McDonnell, MD, discusses the real costs of higher education worldwide and how the United States can better its own education for the sake of its future students.
Using hard words (or, if you prefer, complex verbiage)Thanks to this research, I comprehend why some people insist they don’t find my columns to be particularly insightful or humorous. It’s not their fault. I blame myself. My writing is just too gosh-darned sophisticated.
Working the system at expense of veteran careRather than figure out how to meet the demand for care and comply with the policy, news reports and congressional committees indicate that staff members developed strategies to “game” the computer scheduling system to make it appear as though timely appointments were being given when such was not the case. How many veterans might have suffered some irreversible vision loss as a result of delays in eye care?