Peter J. McDonnell, MD

The CEO that nobody loves‘The irony is that compounding pharmacies were not long ago about as popular as Shkreli is today, related to an outbreak of fungal meningitis complicating the use of specially compounded steroids.’
Playing the blame gameWhose fault is it for damaging the U.S. healthcare system?
Following a physician code of conductSociety has variable expectations about the integrity with which people conduct themselves.
What have you learned in the past 10 years
What have you learned in the past 10 yearsSome medical specialties are exploring the possibility of abolishing recertification examinations every 10 years in favor of other alternatives. Is ophthalmology next?
How would an ophthalmologist respond when faced with death?How does any of this relate to ophthalmology? In our offices, we don’t face dramatic this-or-that moments of choice that define us in the way these young men were defined by their decision. For ophthalmologists there is always only one option—to do whatever is in the best interest of our patients.
Do we jump on the $70,000 salary bandwagon?
Do we jump on the $70,000 salary bandwagon?What would happen if all ophthalmic staff were allocated such a salary?
Should high-volume surgeons have surgical privileges?
Should high-volume surgeons have surgical privileges?While practice may not always make perfect (at least in this life), it definitely does “make better” not only in sports, but also in the operating room.
Follow the moneyOne thing that is interesting about the Medicare data is how much goes to the top 1% of physician billers.
Remembering ophthalmic pioneer Dr. Robert SinskeyGifted surgeon, innovator, teacher, humanitarian, and life changer. These are the words used to described Robert Sinskey, MD, by some of his closest ophthalmic colleagues.
Best practices for injection protocolsNo doubt, my retina colleagues are way ahead of me in considering this issue. Reducing the frequency of injections by developing longer-lasting therapeutic agents and reducing the per-injection risk by careful scrutiny of evidence to determine the best practice when it comes to injection protocols are two possibilities.