periodontal disease

BV increases risk for adverse pregnancy outcomesPre-pregnancy visits should include vaginal examinations to rule out bacterial vaginosis (BV), as well as oral examinations to assess for periodontal disease, according to a prospective study.
Poor oral health may be associated with POAG
Poor oral health may be associated with POAGRecent tooth loss and periodontal disease have been linked to primary open-angle glaucoma in a large prospective study of male health professionals.
Osteoporosis and periodontal disease in menopauseOsteoporosis and tooth loss are linked in postmenopausal women, a small study finds.
Is periodontal disease linked with poor birth outcomes?The higher expression of markers associated with preterm birth in women with periodontitis or gingivitis suggests yes.
Pediatricians are the gatekeepers of children’s oral healthIf you haven’t thought about the oral health of your patients, it’s time.