pellucid marginal degeneration

OCTs ushering new era in complex contact lens fittingsComplex contact lenses, including scleral lenses, have unique fitting considerations that may be augmented with additional optic scans, says Jeffrey Sonsino, OD, FAAO, of Nashville, TN, at SECO 2017.
Epi-on CXL: Safe, effective option for treating thin corneasPatients with thin corneas as the result of keratoconus, ectasia following LASIK, or pellucid marginal degeneration can safely undergo epithelial-on collagen crosslinking with pulsed UV light and achieve visual benefits from the procedure.
Intrastromal corneal ring segment 355° arc length expands keratoconus optionsEarly experience with a new intrastromal corneal ring segment arc length appears to be a valuable addition to the keratoconus treatment armamentarium for one surgeon.
X-Cel adds a custom soft lens design for irregular corneasX-Cel Contacts recently added the Flexlens ARC (Atypical Refractive Correction) custom soft lens to its collection of irregular cornea designs.