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Amblyopia correction could lead to an increased reading speed and efficiency in school-aged kidsMark Silverberg, MD, shares the results of a study published in JAAPOS that the correction of Amblyopia correction could lead to an increased reading speed and efficiency in school-aged kids.
3 ways ODs can combat 1-800-EYE-EXAM
3 ways ODs can combat 1-800-EYE-EXAMThe recent announcement that 1-800 Contacts has partnered with online eye exam provider Opternative to offer consumers eye exams online has rocked the optometry community. What can we learn from this announcement, and what should we do?
Why you should offer children’s eyewear
Why you should offer children’s eyewearKids eyewear represents one of the biggest opportunities for growth in the eyecare industry, says Mark Mattison-Shupnick, ABOM, who recently shared his advice at Vision Expo West 2015 in Las Vegas.
Be part of the vision rehab team for your pediatric patientsOphthalmologists who treat children with a diagnosis of vision loss can help with the near-term adjustment and long-term pursuit of goals by providing information about rehabilitation programs, support groups, and other resources.
Functional vision loss in children: What to say to parents, the patientFunctional vision loss in children is a relatively common problem. Although physicians may be hesitant to delve into conversations with children and parents when there is no evidence of organic disease, it is better to probe for cause of stress, anxiety, or depression stemming from issues with family, school, outside activities, or friends, and to identify for the patient and parents areas for attention that may be previously unknown or overlooked.
It’s all fun and games with pediatric patientsThe pediatric eye exam differs greatly from the adult eye exam—children are more than just tiny adults. To further that point, the whole dynamic of the exam is different because you are really interviewing and interacting with the family and not just the patient. In the pediatric arena, the family becomes your patient.
How a newly-discovered gene affects myopia
How a newly-discovered gene affects myopiaResearchers at Columbia University Medical Center recently discovered a gene that causes myopia in people who spend a lot of time reading or doing other “nearwork” throughout their childhood. The study was published in PLOS Genetics.
OCT in pediatric eye diseaseEye disease is relatively uncommon in children. When it is present, however, optometrists may find the tasks of selecting tests, obtaining findings, and interpreting results to be more difficult.
How ACA can help improve pediatric eye careOptometrists have the opportunity to improve eye care for all children thanks to the pediatric essential eyecare benefit in the Affordable Care Act (ACA), says Glen Steele, OD, FCOVD, FAAO, and Heather McBryar, OD, FCOVD.
Examining pediatric eyesThe common eye problems found in adults, developing over decades of life as acquired disease, are different in children. There is an old pediatrics adage that “children are not little adults.” This is certainly true when it comes to the pediatric eye exam that many allied health care personnel find themselves facing, often with dread, on a weekly or daily basis.