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Chronic cough: Watch for "red flags"
Chronic cough: Watch for "red flags"As complex as it is common, chronic cough in children presents diagnostic and treatment challenges that are complicated by a dearth of solid data and, often, the anxieties of well-meaning parents.
How school nurse training makes allergic kids saferA single training session on food allergy for school nurses can improve their response to allergic reactions in children for a sustained period, a new study reports.
Anti-TSLP antibody shows promise for treating allergic asthmaTargeting TSLP (thymic stromal lymphopoietin), a cytokine that is produced by epithelial cells in response to proinflammatory stimuli and drives allergic inflammatory responses, with an anti-TSLP agent reduces allergen-induced bronchoconstriction and indexes of airway inflammation, a new study shows.
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