pattern scanning laser trabeculoplasty (PSLT)

New retinal laser therapy options offer improvements to macular disease managementEndpoint management technology allows laser therapy to be applied within specific parameters to elicit a cellular response whilst avoiding tissue damage. The laser treatment can then be applied at high density, potentially leading to better therapeutic outcomes.
PSLT shows promise in lowering intraocular pressure Compared with SLT, PSLT appears to offer some advantages, such as a shorter duration of treatment and more comfort for patients.
Computer-guided treatment delivery builds on benefits of SLTPattern scanning laser trabeculoplasty uses computer guidance for precise delivery of laser spots to the trabecular meshwork. At 6 months post-treatment, percentage IOP reduction was similar in eyes undergoing PSLT performed with a 577-nm laser compared with selective laser trabeculoplasty using a 532-nm laser.