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Easy tips for physicians to address negative online patient reviews
Easy tips for physicians to address negative online patient reviewsTips and strategies short of suing your patient for defamation
Top 5 of 2016: Dermatology legal insightsIn 2016, we provided advice on a number of different legal issues ranging from informed consent issues, to off-label products, to whether or not you could lose your medical license for not paying your office rent. Here are the top 5 legal insight articles of 2016 from Dermatology Times.
5 tips for tactfully combatting negative patient reviews
5 tips for tactfully combatting negative patient reviewsThe troubling reality is that review sites like Yelp and Healthgrades often attract patients who are more likely to air grievances, rather than praise. In other words, it’s a near certainty that every physician and medical practice will encounter a fair share of negative patient reviews.
Rolling up patient reviewsTechnology lets you aggregate patient reviews, but beware the bluff.
Negative reviews on Yelp: The physician perspectiveYou do everything right, but you still get a negative review. What should you do? Dr. Jonathan Kaplan advises.
Harnessing the power of patient satisfactionMastering patient satisfaction measures and using them to guide operations decisions is a powerful practice management tool.
Star Ratings and MTM: Turning challenge into opportunityHere are a few things to bear in mind as you fill out those MAPs.
New initiative will help patients view and add to physician EHR notesFive primary care facilities will test a new initiative that will allow patients to not only view, but add to their physicians’ visit notes in their electronic health records (EHR) systems
Physicians and online reviews: Patients focused on quality of careA national survey found that patients are also evaluating physicians based on diagnosis accuracy and wait times
Online reputation management: Lessons from ‘Googling’ myselfHave you ever “Googled” yourself? If you haven't, try it. The results may surprise you. Simply type your name into Google or another search engine, hit search, and see what pops up. Not all of it is pretty.