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Should physicians share their notes with patients?
Should physicians share their notes with patients?How allowing patients to read notes can strengthen the bond for a physician.
Reflections on medicine from a duly registered and certified curmudgeonSo much garbage. So little time.
Practicing cultural sensitivity in the office
The problem of martyrdom in medicine
The problem of martyrdom in medicineDoctors, like everyone else, are human. It’s time that we not only acknowledge that to ourselves, but to the world.
Everyone wins when physicians put patients firstIt certainly doesn’t sound like a radical notion, but the idea of putting patients first is creating something of a revolution in healthcare that is lowering costs while delivering high-quality care to millions of Americans.
Patient discounts the fine line between leniency and liabilityReducing fees out of kindness should be done properly to avoid potential legal problems
Hospitals are shifting to a retail model—will doctors follow?
Hospitals are shifting to a retail model—will doctors follow?More hospitals today are competing for patients using retail strategies, such as offering flat-rate, easy-to-compare bundled pricing, finds a new PwC report. As a result, physicians with high fees may find themselves shut out of hospital contracts. And that means less patient volume and less revenue.
Pitfalls in terminating a patient relationshipPhysicians sometimes face the prospect of dismissing patients from their practice. It’s not easy, but there is a right way and a wrong way to do it.
Time management tips to enhance physician-patient relationships10 proven strategies to improve communication.
Should your practice have a blog?
Should your practice have a blog?Most physicians have incredibly hectic work lives filled with people (the sheer number of patients seen daily), conditions (the vast amount of diagnoses made per week), and stories (the close calls, exciting cases and thrills of practicing medicine), so it seems only natural physicians have a lot to blog about.