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The Dangers of Texting Medical Orders
The Dangers of Texting Medical OrdersWhat might seem like a convenient option has led to serious errors.
PHRs, EHRs raise privacy issues for teens, parentsPersonal health records and electronic health records don’t meet the privacy and confidentiality needs of adolescents and their parents and will require significant changes to do so.
HIPAA in the age of social media
HIPAA in the age of social mediaAs healthcare providers in an age where digital information can be just as viral as the viruses we treat, it is of the utmost importance to understand the implications of our social media posts.
Can I be sued for asking a patient if he owns a gun?Dr. Skin has become increasingly concerned about the number of school shootings in the United States. He has established an office policy that has his staff asking patients if they own a gun. If they do, they are not allowed to bring the weapon to the office. He has recently been sued by a patient for simply asking the question “Do you own a gun?”.
3 tips for nurses when using social mediaWhen it comes to social media, boundaries are blurred, which makes privacy and confidentiality online so confusing for workers and stress-inducing for employers. Here are three tips to follow when posting online.
Apple’s HealthKit: What physicians need to knowTechnology giant Apple unveiled its new operating system, iOS 8, on June 2, and a new platform called HealthKit has the healthcare IT industry abuzz with its possibilities.
7 tips for leaving a patient alone in the exam roomWhen you leave a patient alone in a room, she is left to her own devices and is free to wreak havoc in your exam room if she so desires. Or look in places not meant for patients. You want your patient to be as comfortable as possible—but you want your exam room to remain intact.
Chronically ill patients want online access to medical recordsAbility to access medical data outweighs privacy risks
Prioritize member engagement in HRAsFocusing on behavior and promote action to make HRAs more effective.
Rework EOBs to address privacy of young adult dependentsAvoiding disclosure of sensitive information on EOBs could make coverage more appealing to young people.