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Have patient portals lived up to their potential?The technology delivers on some promised benefits, but more progress is needed to maximize its value to practices
Eight patient engagement trends to watchBoosting patient engagement is critical as the industry shifts toward value-based payments. For payers and providers, higher engagement increases the likelihood of positive outcomes at lower costs.
Are patient portals a valuable tool or time waster?
Are patient portals a valuable tool or time waster?While patient portals can improve efficiency in some practices, they bring with them a host of challenges
Tips for getting past technology glitchesSometimes the struggles are not with the workflow changes or patient engagement, but with the portal software itself.
Five ways technology can increase patient compliance
Five ways technology can increase patient complianceAs technology advances, it is transforming healthcare in ways never thought possible
Increasing patient portal use: Lessons from my practiceTim Dudley, MD describes how his patients use patient portals and how the lessons he's learn can apply to others.
Risk management strategies for patient portal useAs a result government incentives, new care standards, and the demands of a more technologically sophisticated society, use of patient portals is becoming increasingly commonplace. But physicians must be aware that the specific functionalities of the portal directly impact the risk management strategies that must be employed by the practice to protect itself from liability.
Patient portals: Essential, but underused by physiciansMany physicians regard patient portals as just another hoop they have to jump through to get their electronic health record (EHR) incentives and/or avoid Medicare penalties. But that view can be short-sighted, consultants say, if practices neglect portal services that are attractive to patients.
5 steps to maximize your patient portal and boost practice efficiencyUse of a patient portal or secure electronic communications is an effective way to boost patient engagement and improve practice efficiency. Here's how to get started.
Personal touch can get patients to use a portal in small primary care practicesBy using direct engagement and promotion, primary care practices can match or potentially surpass patient portal engagement rates posted by large health systems, according to a new study published in the Annals of Family Medicine.