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Five Things to Know About the Uber and Lyft Provider PartnershipsRideshare giants Uber and Lyft partner with providers to help get patients to their medical appointments, as well as improve the overall patient experience. Here’s five takeaways from industry watchers.
Six ways to transform the patient experience
Six ways to transform the patient experienceHospitals innovatively improve the patient experience as the industry shifts to value-based care.
Combat commoditizationThe problem in the aesthetic marketplace is everyone offers the same thing, in the same way and says the same things, says one expert.
The last words you should say to any patientMedical Economics is proud to unveil the honorable mention entries in our 2015 Physician Writing Contest. We believe the essays exemplify what connecting with your patients is truly about, and demonstrate the levels of heart, determination, and empathy you strive to bring into every exam room, every day. Thanks for reading.
Video in the exam room: Should you allow patients to record visits?Experts discuss why this trend is coming, and what physicians can do to both protect themselves and meet their patients' needs.
Hospitals must increase patient awareness of treatment servicesAs managed care and hospital organizations increasingly take on the risk for managing patient populations, it is critical to improve patient engagement and awareness of patient care opportunities beyond the acute care setting, according to the results of a new survey.
Managing conflict with patientsSaying no to a patient request can be a challenge. Physicians strive to maintain good relationships with patients, while not wanting to agree to anything not medically indicated. While this is certainly not a new problem, it is likely expanding due to inaccurate information on the Internet and direct-to-consumer advertising can increase patient requests for specific things.
High-value care strategies
High-value care strategiesThe push is on for physicians to embrace the concept of high-value care, providing patients with appropriate treatment while avoiding wasteful or unnecessary tests. But high-value care requires physicians to navigate many pitfalls, including lack of time to talk with patients and malpractice pressures.
More practices to offer digital self-scheduling in the near futureSoon patients will be able to interact with physicians the same way they buy clothes or music—online.
Putting patients at ease in the exam roomGrowing up in rural Illinois, there was really only one culture that I had interacted with: the farming/small town USA culture. So, when I got accepted to optometry school and began interacting with more cultural diversity than I had ever been accustomed to, I soon found I was struggling to find common ground with some of my patients.