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New products, advancements in dry eyeDavid Kading, OD, FAAO, FCLSA, discusses new products, studies, and patient education available to help combat dry eye disease.
Helping patients better understand glaucomaWhen I was a resident at the SUNY College of Optometry, I was asked a to conduct a few patient question and answer sessions regarding glaucoma. The sessions consisted of me sitting with a small group of patients, family members, or whoever wanted to know more about glaucoma.
Building a patient education programPatient education can be a powerful tool that complements your expertise and boosts patient engagement.
Finding Time to Counsel Patients: Make It the PriorityEvery community pharmacist has the long lines and phones ringing off the hook. But there are ways to find time o counsel patients even when it is busy.
How to get non-symptomatic dry eye patients to comply with treatment
How to get non-symptomatic dry eye patients to comply with treatmentDr. Scott Schachter offers advice on how to better manage non-symptomatic dry eye patients and encourage them to comply with your treatment plan
Are educated patients good for medicine?Dr. Google often dispenses advice before appointments—here’s how to handle being the second opinion.
Why patient education is bit like fortune tellingI saw a new patient today complaining of redness, itching, and burning. When asked how long she had been feeling these symptoms, she reported it had been since cataract surgery. She reported seeing her surgeon about her eyes and was told the surgery was successful and shown the door. That was nine months ago.
Low mole count may predict melanoma risk
Low mole count may predict melanoma riskMelanoma patients with fewer than 50 nevi may develop more aggressive melanomas than those with greater than 50 nevi, underscoring the need for education and consideration for skin cancer screening in all patients based on their overall risk.
AesthetiPedia: What's in it for you?Looking for a patient information resource that addresses aesthetic skin concerns and also provides treatment options? Meet AesthetiPedia, a new website launched by Israeli medical-device firm Lumenis...
Four ways clinical pharmacists can improve managed careHere are four reasons a clinical pharmacist should be part of care teams for chronically-ill, elderly, and at-risk patient populations.