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Top 7 New Year’s Resolutions for Pharmacists
Top 7 New Year’s Resolutions for PharmacistsWe asked pharmacists from all over the country what resolutions pharmacists should make in 2018. Here's what they said.
CVS Aims to Simplify Med Management
CVS Aims to Simplify Med ManagementThe new ScriptPath Prescription Schedule system is expected to help patients and pharmacists.
Finding Time to Counsel Patients: Make It the PriorityEvery community pharmacist has the long lines and phones ringing off the hook. But there are ways to find time o counsel patients even when it is busy.
What difficult patients can teach usMedical Economics is proud to unveil the honorable mention entries in our 2015 Physician Writing Contest. We believe the essays exemplify what connecting with your patients is truly about, and demonstrate the levels of heart, determination, and empathy you strive to bring into every exam room, every day. Thanks for reading.
The new role physicians can’t afford to ignoreWhy the rising costs of treatment and increasing patient financial responsibility means its time for physicians to embrace the cost discussion
On the record with APhADavid Stanley gives APhA a piece of his mind — at APhA's request.
T2DM: Fit the coaching to the patient
T2DM: Fit the coaching to the patientA pharmacist with good communication skills can turn indifferent compliance into successful patient outcomes.
Disgruntled patients require access, attentionIn dealing with complications, experts advise being responsive and accessible to affected patients – and remembering to take care of oneself in the event of a lawsuit.
Top 10 mistakes your front desk could be makingA relatable, helpful and professional front desk staff is one key to practice success, according to Laurie Mercier, a practice consultant with Allergan Practice Consulting who spoke at the 2014 Vegas Cosmetic Surgery meeting recently.
True believers: It’s time to control our destinyPharmacists need to believe in the basic skills that were once taught. We need to practice pharmacy in the traditional sense.