Patient-Centered Medical Home

Cancer care model benefits healthcare stakeholdersA value-based cancer care model focuses on better aligning providers with health plans and employers through an IPA.
Docs treading lightly with new payment modelsSurprising way a group of surveyed physicians are saying what they think is the best way to control costs.
The rise and fall of the patient-centered medical homeWhy a PCMH pioneer may abandon the model in his practice
PCMH playbook
PCMH playbookBecoming a patient-centered medical home (PCMH) presents both opportunities and challenges for medical practices. If you’re thinking of seeking PCMH recognition or recertification, take heed of the following lessons from practices that have gone through the process.
PCMH: A proxy term for modern primary careThe patient-centered medical home (PCMH) model means different things to different people. Joseph E. Scherger, MD, MPH, asks if PCMH is really the new model of medical practice.
Becoming a PCMH: How one physician transformed his practiceJames L. Holly, MD describes how stayed ahead of the curve by transforming his group into a patient-centered medical home.
PCMH accreditation: Is it worth it?As more physicians consider whether transitioning to a patient-centered medical home model is right for their practice, experts weigh in on the benefits—and challenges—of making it official.
Telehealth: A primer for pediatriciansWhether you realize it or not, you have been practicing telehealth for years. By communicating with patients by telephone, you are managing their care at a distance.
Improving continuity of careFor patients to receive high quality care, healthcare providers must find ways to work together and ensure continuity of care between primary care physicians, specialists and hospitals. For a variety of reasons, continuity of care has not worked as advertised, but many physicians have ideas for how this collaboration can be improved.
The benefit of integrating pharmacists into patient care teamsClinical pharmacists integrated into patient care teams have the potential to improve medication measures as well as support cost-effective medication use.