parenting behaviors

Why parents spank their childrenA new poll found that about a quarter of parents spank, but most believe it’s not a very effective punishment. Instead, parents would like experts, like pediatricians, to give them clear guidance, individualized for their child, on discipline methods that work.
"Is my kid ready for a smartphone?"“Mom/Dad, can I have a smartphone?” Children are posing this question to their parents at earlier and earlier ages. If parents wait until they are asked to consider how they will monitor technology and their children, they are already behind.
Parenting influences kids’ academic successParenting influences the success of African American boys as they transition from preschool to kindergarten, according to a new study.
Only 3 in 10 parents always follow doctors’ adviceWhen it comes to doing what the doctor orders, parents don’t always go along with the advice. A new poll finds that only 31% of parents follow guidance from their child’s health care provider all the time.