If you operate a medical practice, you should be outsourcingAs if giving your key employees menial tasks isn’t enough to consider outsourcing, the ever-changing landscape of the medical industry should be the deciding factor.
Five things health plans should consider before outsourcingOutsourcing means giving up a vital part of what you do as a business, so it’s a strategy that should be approached carefully. On the other hand, not outsourcing could also threaten the success of your organization.
‘Hottest areas’ for healthcare investmentsSterling Partners’ Dan Hosler identifies the subsectors for healthcare investing that can help reduce costs and improve quality.
Specialty pharmacies: The payer’s dilemma
Specialty pharmacies: The payer’s dilemmaPayers weigh the benefits of using their own resources to develop a specialty pharmacy or contracting outside for services.
Outsourcing by health plans surges in popularity
Outsourcing by health plans surges in popularityMore plans look to outsourcing to increase productivity, lower costs
Four reasons MCOs should outsource administrative tasksBy working with service providers that are employing robotics and advanced analytics, organizations can leverage automation and innovation to address key challenges.