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How to attract millennials to your practice
How to attract millennials to your practiceFaced with an increasingly competitive environment, eye surgeons need to appeal to younger patients. The way to accomplish this is relatively straightforward: Be where they are. Of course, the more challenging part of this equation is “How?”
6 steps to boost your practice with content marketingAlthough the healthcare industry was slow in the acceptance of content marketing, it has definitely gained momentum, and it’s time that we find its place within ophthalmology.
Navigating patient perception and teamworkIn her debut blog, Donna Suter, president of Suter Consulting Group, writes why patient perception of your office can be emotion-laden and as quick as a hail storm of controversy because patient care puts you and your team in a fish bowl.
Caught between a husband and a wife: A cautionary surgical taleIn his debut blog, Dr. Packer writes of a cautionary tale to physicians when stuck between the wants and needs of married patients.