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Q&A: Justin Kwan, OD, FAAO Assistant professor and chief of cornea and contact lens services, Marshall B. Ketchum UniversityI grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. My dad worked in the tech industry; he’s an electrical engineer by training.
OD Q&A: Philip Aitsebaomo, OD, PhD, FAAORunning for office, diversity in optometry, and mentoring students
Q&A: Aaron Tarbett, OD, WG Hefner VA Medical Center, Salisbury, NCI always had a goal in mind of being an optometrist. Microbiology was an undergraduate major, but I was focused on getting to optometry school as soon as I graduated high school.
Paul Farkas, OD, FAAO, and Adam Farkas, MD, MBA ODwire and CEwire foundersChanging profession, online CE, and working with your dad
Q&A: William To, 2016 Doctor of Optometry Candidate, Western University of Health SciencesI always wanted to help people and be in health care. It did take me a little while to figure out where in health care. I was going the pre-dental route originally—I worked in at a dental office as an assistant during undergraduate. I liked it a lot. But, anybody who meets me, one of the first things they’ll tell you is that I’m a big people person, I like meeting people, I like talking to people, and in dental that’s more of a one-way conversation, it’s not quite the same.
Q&A: Bryan Rogoff Principal and consultant for EyeExec ConsultingI enjoyed patient care, but I wanted to do more with my career. I didn’t necessarily look at patient care as where I wanted my career to be. I was recognized to be able to marry clinical and business and mediate communications between the two.
Q&A: Steven Loomis, OD, President of the American Optometric AssociationI grew up in Butte, Montana. My dad was truck driver. He worked for Standard Oil, and he delivered gasoline to the gasoline stations there and the farmers in the area. It’s a beautiful place, phenomenal place, to grow up. Butte always had the reputation for being a little rough because it’s a mining town, but it’s just how I grew up.
Q&A: Konrad Billetz, Cofounder, CEO, FrameriI actually was going to go to med school. I had interviewed, taken the MCAT, then decided not to go to med school. It wasn’t the right place for me at that time. I always like business a lot. I wanted to learn sales, so I actually went into door-to-door sales—I made that obvious move from biochemistry to door-to-door sales.
Q&A: Melissa Barnett, OD, FAAOI wore glasses and contact lenses as a child, and my optometrist who I grew up with was very inspiring. He was the one who mentioned the profession to start with and guided me along the way. Now the fun thing is that I was able to reconnect with him just last year in a professional setting. He and I both do specialty contact lens work, so that was really fun.
Q&A: Mary K. Mercado, digital marketing manager for CooperVision, Inc.I always had in my head that I was going to be a doctor. I was specifically in molecular biology, and chemistry was just side gig. So, I had the dream of being an optometrist, got accepted to optometry school and decided it wasn’t for me at the last minute. So, I turned to chemistry, and chemistry was my backup plan.