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5 true pieces of advice first-years hate hearing
5 true pieces of advice first-years hate hearingAdvice can come in many forms and from many sources. Shelby May, offers a third-year student's perspective on what it is like receiving advice as a first-year.
OD Q&A: Philip Aitsebaomo, OD, PhD, FAAORunning for office, diversity in optometry, and mentoring students
Would you want your kids to become optometrists?I have two kids in college, and up until last year, they never showed an interest in becoming an optometrist. Like many of you, I had them work in the offices doing all the glamour jobs—licking recall stamps, counting frames, taking out trash, cleaning baseboards, and many of the other jobs that often cause a revolt of paid employees.
States where ODs make bankYour salary as an optometrist can vary greatly based in part on the state in which you live.
Best and worst states to practice in 2015Medscape recently released its annual list of the best and worst places to practice in the United States.But what makes a state great for MDs doesn’t always translate for ODs, of course. So, we asked ODs across the country about what makes their state a great place to practice optometry. Did your state make the list?
Struggling law schools: Are optometry schools next?
Struggling law schools: Are optometry schools next?Much has been made of the proliferation of new optometry schools. It seems every week there is a news release announcing yet another institution of higher learning studying the possibility of opening an optometry school, most recently in Arkansas.
Q&A: Kelly Nichols, OD, MPH, PhDMidway through my education at University of California in San Diego, I was meeting with guidance counselors about what type of medical field I might like, and I hadn’t decided.
University of Central Arkansas considering an optometry schoolThe University of Central Arkansas (UCA) recently announced it is assessing the possibility of opening a new school of optometry.
UPIKE receives $40 million loan to build college of optometryThe University of Pikeville (UPIKE) announced that it has received a $40 million Community Facilities direct loan from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to build the Kentucky College of Optometry.
Is an optometric education cost-effective?
Is an optometric education cost-effective?High-paying careers all require an education, many beyond an undergraduate degree. Yet optometry faces challenges that have the potential to further erode income.