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How to increase your optical capture rate
How to increase your optical capture rateTake these suggestions and you’ll watch your capture rate improve and your average optical ticket rise.
The ‘art’ of the optical deal
The ‘art’ of the optical dealA visit to two innovative optical shops reveals differing portraitures of providing better customer experience and increasing capture rate.
Tips for improving a practice's performance when it just isn't cutting it
Tips for improving a practice's performance when it just isn't cutting itChange is inevitable. But that doesn’t have to mean the beginning of problems and stress at your practice.
7 steps to boost optical revenueFollowing specific steps in the retail-selling process will increase the likelihood that customers will make a purchase.
7 common lies you’ve been told about optical shopsExperts break down the most prevalent falsities ophthalmologists believe about dispensaries, and why believing them are seriously hurting practice revenue.
Adding an optical shop as fixture of successA whole-hearted commitment to building and designing a dispensary from the ground up is vital for its success, explain those who have first-hand experience.
Post-closing issues deserve attention to avoid buyer’s remorseRemember, “The devil is in the details.” An optical buyer can quickly go from excitement about a purchase to distress when the order is not ready on time or if the new eyeglasses are flawed in any way.
Give your staff more field tripsIn her latest blog, Joy Gibb, ABOC writes why allowing staff more learning opportunities builds better office morale.
How the right closing statement can turn optical shopper into buyerIn the closing statement, the optician uses one of any number of techniques in the hope that the customer agrees to make the purchase.
4 steps to selling premium productsIt’s not a new problem. It’s not a new concept. But for many ODs, it continues to be a significant challenge. Too many times we hesitate to present patients with upgraded products or services when there is an added expense.