opioid use disorder

Groups, experts praise naloxone advisoryAfter US Surgeon General Jerome M. Adams, MD, MPH, urged more Americans to carry naloxone to reverse opioid overdoses, organizations and medical experts praised the decision.
Opioid abuse and its sequelae: Treatment strategies for ob/gynsIn the second part of Dr. Lockwood's editorial on opioids, he discusses steps that ob/gyns can take to help limit opioid use disorder in our pregnant and non-pregnant patients.
The opioid crisis: Prenatal and postnatal care
The opioid crisis: Prenatal and postnatal careOb/gyns are on the front line of the opioid epidemic and have a responsibility to recognize, treat, refer, and advocate for pregnant women with opioid use disorder.
Four New Ways to Approach Opioid Use DisordersA new study has eye-opening findings on the use of buprenorphine induction in an opioid-dependent population with commercial benefit coverage.
FDA warns about opioid-containing supplementFDA said the manufacturer of dietary supplements containing kratom, a natural opioid used to treat opioid use disorder, agreed to destroy the supplements, and is again warning the public about kratom.
FDA approves first once-monthly injection for opioid abuseSoon after FDA approved a novel device to treat opioid use disorder, FDA approved the first and only once-monthly injectable buprenorphine formulation to treat moderate to severe opioid use disorder (OUD).
How treating opioid use disorder is cost effectiveA commercial health plan analysis by axialHealthcare has interesting findings about funding opioid use disorder treatment plans.
FDA clears first opioid withdrawal deviceFDA granted a new indication to a device that can help reduce the symptoms of withdrawal from the prescription pain drugs.
FDA advisors recommend 2 opioid use disorder drugsTwo opioid use disorder drugs have been recommended for approval by FDA committees.
Study: Formularies may be key to alleviating opioid epidemicNew Yale University research offers stunning findings about drug formulary coverage and prescribing opioids.