I have an office mascot
I have an office mascotBuddy is my little shadow. We’ve become inseparable. An energetic diminutive furball, he also serves as our unofficial office mascot.
Be present with your patients
Be present with your patientsMake a more deliberate effort to be present with your patients
Looking back at 2016
Looking back at 2016Before the new year gets too far along, let’s take a brief look at the happenings in the pages of Optometry Times during 2016.
Does your practice have a hive mentality?You’ve probably heard the term “hive mentality” before. Many times its meaning does not carry a positive connotation.
Could there be a dress code for ODs?
Could there be a dress code for ODs?Dress for success. We’ve heard this tired old cliché for years. Most offices have a written dress code for staff, but does that dress code also apply to the doctors?
It's time to get doctors out of EHR data entry
It's time to get doctors out of EHR data entryThere was a day when medical transcription was neat and clean. A doctor dictated what happened during an exam and a transcriptionist accurately typed each detail into the patient’s record. Each future encounter built on that record, a detailed history meant to ensure quality care. It wasn’t a perfect system, but it worked.
Your Voice: EHRs can’t replace face-to-face patient careEHRs, physician shortages, patient records are the latest topics of discussion in this issue's Your Voice.
Young doctors are jumping ship to non-clinical roles
Young doctors are jumping ship to non-clinical rolesIn his debut blog, Ryan Gamlin writes why he thinks the increasing proportion of doctors in medical school today do not intend to treat patients as their primary career—or at all.
Your Voice: MOC logic doesn't add upIn our latest Your Voice, readers share their thoughts on the MOC and certification, using APRNs and dealing with difficult patients.
Oral thin film offers better absorptionThe area of nutriceutical supplementation for ocular conditions appears to be more contentious than ever. Questions are heatedly argued every day regarding a number of topics, some of which follow. Is this component (nutriceutical) more effective than that component?