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Reviews matter
Reviews matterFact: online reviews have become nearly as valuable to patients as a personal recommendation. Here’s how to effectively manage yours.
How patients are using online ratingsPatients are coming to physicians based on ratings and with particular procedures and price-points in mind. Be prepared to explain the imperfections in online reviews and how costs can be highly variable. These are the important points to keep in mind.
5 quick tips to avoid bad online reviewsGoogling your name and finding a nasty review from a patient is likely a distressing experience if you’re a doctor. Experts shared some tips that physicians can use to own the online review process. Here are a few...
My patient has destroyed my reputation with online reviews
My patient has destroyed my reputation with online reviewsWhen online reviews can be falsified—and even the true ones are loose cannons—how can physicians protect themselves?
Legal and ethical considerations for managing your online reputationWith statistics showing that patients are increasingly going online for healthcare information, managing a physician’s online reputation within the confines of the law and policies regulating professional behavior is becoming more important than ever.
Dermatology ranks second to last in online reviews
Dermatology ranks second to last in online reviewsDermatologists came in second to last, ahead only of psychiatry, in a study of 23 healthcare specialties, based on more than 28,000 online Yelp reviews.
Canadian optometrist accuses Yelp of extortionA Vancouver optometrist has accused online review website Yelp of extortion, according to The Globe and Mail.
Editor’s choice for the most important stories of 2014This past year brought us some very interesting stories. I couldn’t limit myself to only five choices, so I give you six of my favorite stories from 2014.
How do online doc ratings affect parents’ choice?Online ratings of physicians strongly influence how parents choose a physician for their children, a new study reports.
Physicians shouldn’t shy away from social mediaIn a recent article by David Shaywitz, M.D., Ph.D., he describes four reasons why physicians are concerned about the increase in popularity of social media and online search. After reading these concerns it occurred to me, that there may be a significant gap on the part of the medical community surrounding the potential benefits associated with online search and social media.