online ratings

3 important factors that make or break your practice’s online reputationJulie Gough-Nelson shares the three important things worth remembering in an era of online reviews for best-practice management.
Legal and ethical considerations for managing your online reputationWith statistics showing that patients are increasingly going online for healthcare information, managing a physician’s online reputation within the confines of the law and policies regulating professional behavior is becoming more important than ever.
How to handle a bad online review“You are the worst Yelper ever!” Have you ever wanted to reply to a user review with those words? I’m sure you have. Well, I do, and it feels great! It often is the most helpful and appropriate response you could make.
Doctor review websites are a growing factor for patients choosing providersMore patients are aware of websites that rate physicians, and they make a growing impact on which doctor they pick.
Grapevine beats online for picking child’s PCPWhen it comes to selecting a primary care physician (PCP) for their child, most parents depend on word-of-mouth recommendations rather than online ratings for making a final decision, according to a new national poll.