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SC vs. Opternative: An example of what makes optometry greatMuch has been written about Opternative, and I will not rehash what the product is and what it purports to do. I will say the product presents a clear and present danger to the eye health of the unsuspecting public. We can argue the merits of disruptive technology, but the bottom line is the product as currently marketed as an “eye exam” is a public health threat.
How ODs fit into the future of online refractionExecutives from online refraction companies discussed their services during Vision Expo East. Opternative CEO Aaron Dallek; EyeNetra CTO Vitor Pamplona, PhD; and myVisionPOD Founder Hal Wilson shared information about their companies and answered questions from the audience about the future of online refraction.
The underlying concern of online refractions
The underlying concern of online refractionsThere is no question that our profession is undergoing rapid change as well as significant challenges. As a profession, we are faced with the dual responsibility of protecting our patient and maintaining our proficiency. Both of these also fall under the legal jurisdiction of the State Board of Optometry in the states in which we are licensed. Some state boards have already acted, but most have not. One that has not is California.
Online vision testing causes stir within eyecare community
Online vision testing causes stir within eyecare communityPatients can now easily receive an eye exam in the comfort of their own home thanks to Opternative, a new online vision test.
Eyecare community raises red flags over OpternativeOnline refraction is officially here with the last week’s launch of Opternative, a company offering its online vision test to the public for the first time.
Ohio Board of Optometry opposes online refractionThe Ohio State Board of Optometry recently released an official policy statement against online refraction, stating that the practice can significantly compromise standards of care.
The future of eye care?I recently completed Robin Cook’s new medical thriller, Cell. Cook, best known for his books Coma and Outbreak, is an ophthalmologist by training, and his books often tie his story lines to current events. Not to spoil the book for those who want to read the novel, but the premise of Cell is that a phone app, named iDoc, has been designed to replace the primary-care physician.
AOA cautions consumers about claims from online eye examsTo protect consumers’ eye and vision health, the American Optometric Association is warning the public about the false claims that they provide an online “eye exam,” stating that these claims are confusing and misleading.