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Building the optimal in-office ORExperts offer 5 tips for taking your future in-office OR from ordinary to extraordinary. Plus learn the do's and don'ts for the in-office OR.
Real-life office policies for ODs
Real-life office policies for ODsI thought I would create office policies to control my office life because the patients will follow my long list of rules just like my children listen to rules at home. Feel free to use it at your office.
A simple complication, a massive lawsuitLegal arguments can be based on foreseeable complications, even when physicians are safety conscious.
Strategies for coping with a disruptive physician
Strategies for coping with a disruptive physicianA disruptive physician isn’t necessarily aggressive in an obviously obnoxious way. The disruption may come from behaving in a way that interferes with others’ work, not communicating across specialties or teams, or failing to give or receive effective feedback. Here’s what you can do to avoid a disrespectful and non-professional environment.
How personality type impacts dermatology practice
How personality type impacts dermatology practiceBased on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), one expert explains how each of eight mental processes may impact interactions with patients and staff. By understanding our default processes, we can begin to identify blind-spots in our ways of interacting with others
Applying rules of engagement to real-life scenariosRules can serve as invaluable guidelines for the future, as they are lessons learned from experience.
Financing practice improvements the right wayPatients appreciate physician offices that look fresh and employ the latest technology, but these features can be expensive. For a physician in a solo or small-group practice, keeping up can mean taking on debt, and all the planning and tough decisions that entails.
Get your practice vibe on!Even customer service, as vital to patients as it is, does not stand alone to create a stellar impression on patients. Your practice must excel in providing an intentional patient experience beyond the exam room.
Starting an urgent care centerIs 2015 the year you decide to open an urgent care practice? If you are interested in urgent care medicine, you are not alone. Growth is expected to continue as patients seek immediate access to medical care and lower-cost alternatives to emergency department visits. Despite the rewards, urgent care medicine comes with risks—especially for physicians unprepared for the business demands of operating an urgent care center.
Redesigning your look: 5 reasons for new medical office furnitureMedical office furniture makes an important and lasting impression on patients. Now may be the right time to assess the condition of your furniture and see if an upgrade is necessary.