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Using dry eye treatments for sick corneasDid you ever consider that those tools in your dry eye arsenal are also good for acutely sick eyes? I recently had a patient who drove this point home…even to my ophthalmology partner.
Descemet, Munson, Bowman, and more
How to use technology to improve patient careDr. David Kading shares how you can use the latest technology to improve your patient care.
Would you want your kids to become optometrists?I have two kids in college, and up until last year, they never showed an interest in becoming an optometrist. Like many of you, I had them work in the offices doing all the glamour jobs—licking recall stamps, counting frames, taking out trash, cleaning baseboards, and many of the other jobs that often cause a revolt of paid employees.
What ODs can learn from veterans this Memorial DayWe think of Memorial Day as the unofficial start to summer, but more importantly, it is a day dedicated to remembering those who have made the ultimate sacrifice serving our country.
Why patient education is bit like fortune tellingI saw a new patient today complaining of redness, itching, and burning. When asked how long she had been feeling these symptoms, she reported it had been since cataract surgery. She reported seeing her surgeon about her eyes and was told the surgery was successful and shown the door. That was nine months ago.
4 steps to opening a practice coldI started my own practice on January 4 —finally—after six years in practice. This decision was hardly a hasty one because I dreamed of having my own practice since the first day of OD school. Like most ODs fresh out of school, however, I was saddled by debt and fear of the unknown.
Riding out conjunctivitis like a bad stormAmong the thoughts I’ve had since the Super Outbreak of tornadoes that hit Alabama on April 27, 2011, is this: if there’s not already an ICD-10 code for “Tornado-induced viral conjunctivitis, bilateral, initial encounter,” there probably should be.
How you can go green in the optometry practice
How you can go green in the optometry practiceA U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, Gaylord Nelson, founded Earth Day in 1970, and it has been celebrated annually since that time on April 22. In 1990, his efforts were revamped to include recycling efforts. This got me thinking—how am I addressing this in my office now, and what can I do better?
4 things you need to know about contact lens dropoutDr. Scott Schachter shares four factors that are affecting contact lens dropout in both a positive and negative way