Astigmatic patients report better quality of life with EDOF lensIn a well-matched sample group, patients with higher levels of postoperative astigmatism reported a greater improvement in quality of life and a greater rate of willingness to have the procedure again if they received an Extended Depth of Focus IOL compared to patients receiving a low-add, multifocal IOL, despite similar postoperative clinical and patient reported performance.
Considerations when implanting mIOLs in amblyopia with strabismus patientsMultifocal IOLs (mIOLs) can provide excellent uncorrected visual acuity at all distances. However, photic phenomena such as glare and halos are inherent to the design of these lenses and make preoperative patient councelling, careful case selection, and individualised weighing of benefits and side-effects important.
Match multifocal IOL to patient needs, preferences for best results