ocular trauma

Handling ocular chemical burns in children and adolescents
Handling ocular chemical burns in children and adolescentsCleaning and laundry chemicals are commonly found around our patients' homes and not always locked away from children's access. Rich Mangan, OD, talks about how to treat and help prevent ocular chemical burns in younger patients.
Watch for ocular signs of Lyme disease
Watch for ocular signs of Lyme diseaseLyme disease is an infectious disease caused by Borrelia bacteria which is spread by ticks. Editorial Advisory Board member Michael Cooper, OD, explains Lyme disease and the ocular conditions associated with it.
Top 11 patient horror stories
Top 11 patient horror storiesPatient horror stories can happen at any time of the year, but late October makes these tales particularly chilling.
How techs should handle ocular emergencies
How techs should handle ocular emergenciesWhen a patient experiencing an ocular emergency walks through the door, it is vital that every member of the team knows what to do in order to save the patient’s sight—and in some cases, his life. (Editor's note: This article contains some graphic images of ocular trauma that may be disturbing to some readers.)
Top 10 patient horror storiesHalloween is here, so we asked eyecare professionals on ODWire, ODs on Facebook, and our own editorial advisory board to share their own patient horror stories.
Managing a partial-thickness laceration
Managing a partial-thickness lacerationA 28-year-old white male presented with the complaint of a scratched right eye. He reported that earlier that day, he had been working on a construction project and was hammering a piece of plastic when the plastic splintered and hit him in the right eye.
Ultrasound biomicroscopy enhances ophthalmic imaging applicationsAdvances in ultrasound biomicroscopy enable the capture of higher quality images to ophthalmic surgeons who seek accurate diagnoses or anatomic measurements.
Laser injury requires second opinionA 56 year-old male patient came into the clinic recently for a second opinion concerning a previous injury to his right eye. A high-powered commercial laser in a physics laboratory was the source of the injury in 2005.
Boy presents with macular hole after traumaA 12-year-old boy presents with full thickness macular hole 6 weeks after trauma to the left eye. What to do next?