ocular injuries

Handling ocular chemical burns in children and adolescents
Handling ocular chemical burns in children and adolescentsCleaning and laundry chemicals are commonly found around our patients' homes and not always locked away from children's access. Rich Mangan, OD, talks about how to treat and help prevent ocular chemical burns in younger patients.
First patients enrolled in dry eye device studyPatient recruitment has started in a randomised clinical trial testing an experimental device (Lamelleye, known also as CXB/1-14) for the treatment of dry eye disease (DED).
How techs should handle ocular emergencies
How techs should handle ocular emergenciesWhen a patient experiencing an ocular emergency walks through the door, it is vital that every member of the team knows what to do in order to save the patient’s sight—and in some cases, his life. (Editor's note: This article contains some graphic images of ocular trauma that may be disturbing to some readers.)
New technology could replace eye dropsResearchers at the Cullen Eye Institute at Baylor College of Medicine have developed nanowafer technology to delivery ocular drugs, an alternative to inefficient eye drops.
Changing nature of combat brings new set of ocular injuriesWhen military personnel are injured in combat situations, the primary concern of saving lives supersedes saving sight, said Col. Anthony J. Johnson, MD, Fort Sam Houston, Antonio, TX.