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How palynology and aldehydes affect allergy treatmentAs technology leaps forward with medicine, it is prudent at times to appreciate how far we have come in managing and treating allergic eye disease. In fact, let us look back to the beginning in ancient Rome with the first recorded case of atopy. One of these authors, Suetonius, wrote with great detail in his biographical text De vita Caeserum about the distinctive lives of the first Roman emperors.
How to identify and treat allergic eye disease
How to identify and treat allergic eye diseaseAs optometry’s scope of practice has increased, optometrists have embraced allergic eye disease. Ocular allergies have multiple effects to patients in our practice. But, if allergies are unidentified because symptoms may not be present during office visits, patients may treat themselves.
New ocular allergy drug’s MOA targets inflammation
New ocular allergy drug’s MOA targets inflammationA new, first-in-class, aldehyde-trap topical drop demonstrated rapid onset of action and sustained efficacy with an acceptable safety profile in a phase II clinical trial of patients with moderate-to-severe allergic conjunctivitis.
What clinicians should know about ocular allergies
What clinicians should know about ocular allergiesThe arrival of spring also signals the onset of ocular allergy season. Clinicians can prepare by knowing and recognizing the symptoms in their patients, as well as being informed about the latest therapies for this diagnosis.
Getting to the root cause of ocular allergyBeing armed with as much information as possible about a patient’s ocular allergies can make a major difference in treatment decisions, whether for dry eye or scheduling of ocular surgery.
What punctal plug delivery of dexamethasone means for allergic conjunctivitisTreatment of chronic allergic conjunctivitis with a sustained-release dexamethasone resulted in better clinical results because of the sustained and controlled delivery.
Allergy or dry eye: Which is it?Ocular surface disease may be multifactorial, presenting a challenge to the physician in making a correct diagnosis and management plan.
Rethinking once-daily dosing on allergy medicationsIdeally, an ocular allergy medication should provide clinically significant improvements of the annoying or even incapacitating ocular itch with minimal dosing. While this is a desirable goal, it leads to challenges of the amount of dosing to achieve this objective and patient compliance with such dosing.
How to improve diagnosis and treatment of allergy
How to improve diagnosis and treatment of allergyIf you think more allergy patients are landing in your chair every year, you’re absolutely correct. The prevalence of allergy is rising worldwide to near epidemic proportions and carries a significant burden for both the individual patient as well as healthcare systems globally.
What Thomas Edison and goldenrod teach us about allergyRight about now, you are probably wondering, “Is there a real connection between the plant and the late inventor?”