OCT could assist in laser tissue bonding of corneal incisionsA laser tissue bonding apparatus integrated with an optical coherence tomography (OCT) probe is a plausible instrument that allows for temperature-controlled laser bonding of incisions in the cornea, according to Israeli researchers. The OCT probe can provide real-time feedback of structural change of the corneal tissue, and indicate the progress and end point of the bonding.
Analyzing corneal asphericity, OCT angiography, and balance control issues in glaucoma patientsCorneal asphericity, OCT angiography, and balance control issues in glaucoma patients are analyzed in this industry update roundup.
Module brings next-generation OCT technologyHeidelberg Engineering announces significant improvements to its Spectralis OCT2 Module.
Triamcinolone affects OCT reflectivity in DMEPatients who receive triamcinolone acetonide treatment for DME demonstrate changes in OCT reflectivity in their foveal cystoid spaces that are associated with a rebound in macular thickening and visual deterioration.
AC is better than EDI for LC visibilityIf the goal is to improve lamina cribrosa (LC) visibility, adaptive compensation (AC) is better than enhanced depth imaging (EDI), according to new research.
How OCT became a 'game changer'Dr. Schuman discusses his role in its development, future of patient care for glaucoma
Improvements in imaging, corneal biomechanics take center stageRetina surgeons look forward to the future potential that optical coherence tomography holds for the clinical setting.
Using glaucoma diagnostic imagingOver the last decade, there has been rapid growth in the management of glaucoma. Innovative imaging technologies that aid in the diagnosis of this vision-threatening disease have also been on the rise. Instead of relying on a single diagnostic tool, clinicians may consider leveraging the benefits of several modalities available today.
Haag-Streit Surgical adds new features to its intraoperative OCTHaag-Streit Surgical recently announced it added several new features to its intraoperative OCT system, iOCT.
Using microscope-integrated intraoperative OCT in VR surgeryIn the DISCOVER Study, ophthalmologists are exploring real-time, intraoperative optical coherence tomography utilizing a microscope-integrated prototype with a heads-up display surgeon feedback system.