Nutraceuticals: New Opportunities for Pharmacists
Nutraceuticals: New Opportunities for PharmacistsLearning more about popular dietary supplements could further cement pharmacists’ position in the healthcare industry, helping them gain recognition as healthcare providers.
Top 5 Problem Dietary Supplements
Top 5 Problem Dietary SupplementsWhen natural doesn't always mean safe, and reading labels doesn't necessarily protect consumers.
What you need to know before selling nutraceuticalsMany of your patients are interested in maintaining or improving their vision, but they may walk into your office with wrong information.
Oral thin film offers better absorptionThe area of nutriceutical supplementation for ocular conditions appears to be more contentious than ever. Questions are heatedly argued every day regarding a number of topics, some of which follow. Is this component (nutriceutical) more effective than that component?
Holistic approach can address signs of aging faceA multitude of topical and oral therapies can be skillfully used to help patients achieve their anti-aging goals, according to a clinician who spoke at the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology Annual Congress.
Know your nutraceuticalsNutraceuticals and the claims that these products make have become increasingly popular on a global basis, according to an expert who spoke at MauiDerm 2014.