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Seven things to know about Express Scripts’ plan to limit opioidsAs President Trump declares the opioid epidemic “a national emergency,” a new opioid management program from Express Scripts will limit the number and strength of opioid drugs to first-time patients.
Fourteen things Trump needs to know about opioidsAs President Trump promises fight the opioid epidemic, here are 14 things experts want him to know.
Study: Many opioid users are taking Rx drugs in potentially harmful combinations; education neededA majority of opioid users are taking the painkillers concurrently with other prescription drugs, according to a report from Express Scripts that analyzed US opioid trends.
Link between Rx drugs and teen drug abuse: StudyOne medical center is urging parents to seek non-medical solutions for their children’s anxiety or insomnia, after a recent study found that teens prescribed anti-anxiety or sleep medications are up to 12 times more likely to abuse prescription drugs than those who had never been prescribed them.