Do antidepressants take more lives than they save?An eye-opening Canadian study has surprising findings about the risk of death and antidepressants.
Fixed-dose combination glaucoma drug provides easy, safe IOP controlOnce-daily dosing of one drop of Roclatan (Aerie Pharmaceuticals, Inc.), containing a fixed-dose combination of latanoprost and a rho kinase inhibitor and norepinephrine transport inhibitor, was clinically and statistically superior to administration of its individual components for controlling IOP in open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension.
[BLOG]: Cost containment through the use of generic medicationsThere’s no hiding that hospital pharmacies have long been considered cost centers for healthcare systems. That positioning has been accentuated over the past 5 years, as the healthcare industry has seen a steady increase in high-cost, brand-name specialty medications that range from hundreds to thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, of dollars per dose. Nearly every hospital, however, has untapped opportunities to substantially improve efficiencies and improve costs. One important factor is improving how these hospitals use generic medications.