An AD treatment phobia that is a “phenomenon”Atopic dermatitis patients have a phobia of topical corticosteroids that is so strong, it’s been described as a “phenomenon.”
Top tech needs for value-minded executivesHere are the top ways to strengthen health information technology to advance value-based, quality care.
Why noncompliance will ruin your perfect treatment planYou diagnosed a patient and developed a treatment plan to improve the ocular surface. This is only the first (and often the easiest) step. The more challenging aspect is assuring that the patient follows through with the plan.
Generics improve compliance in glaucoma patientsCompliance is a common concern with glaucoma patients, but a study recently published in Ophthalmology found that generic medication may help increase adherence, possibly due to lower cost.
Survey: CL wearers cut corners in eye care that they wouldn’t in other personal hygieneAccording to the survey, a majority of consumers admit to a number of behaviors that could lead to dirty lenses, and ultimately, discomfort or infection. For example, storing CLs in tap water rather than in disinfecting solution (35%) or failing to rinse lenses with disinfecting solution before placing them in their lens storage case (55%).
What about noncompliance?I used to take noncompliance personally. I was failing my patients as their eye doctor. After all, it’s my job to explain the risks of contact lens wear and care non-compliance, and if my patients weren’t complying then I must be doing a poor job of communicating those risks. One of the many points I learned: It’s not my fault!