New Products for Pharmacists 06-10-2016New Rx, indications, generics, and OTC
Product updates for pharmacists: 05-10-2016New Rx, formulation, biosimilar, indication, generics, OTC, and device/app.
When those tootsies need some TLC, help is at handPlenty of options on the pharmacy shelves to keep those dogs from barking.
New Products for Pharmacists 04-10-2016New Rx, new generics, new formulations, and new OTC
Product updates for pharmacists 11-10-2015New Rx, generics, OTC, devices, apps, and more.
Product Updates for Pharmacists 10-10-2015New Rx, generics, and OTC
New Products for Pharmacists 09-10-2015New Rx, new indications, new generics, new OTC
New products for pharmacistsNew Rx, indications, generics, dosage strengths, and OTC
Pharmacy options for spring allergiesAlternatives for those who sneeze in the spring.
New products for pharmacists 05-10-2015New Rx approvals, new launches, new indications, new formulation, new dosage strengths, new biosimilar, new generics, new OTC