FDA Considers Compounding Pharmacy RegulationsGottlieb says that changes may be coming, but remains firm on current regulations.
Compounding Pharmacist Indicted After Infant HospitalizedThe owner of Indiana-based Pharmakon Pharmaceuticals is charged with distributing adulterated drugs and lying to the FDA.
NECC Owner Sentenced
NECC Owner SentencedThe NECC tragedy comes to a close as Barry Cadden is sentenced.
Compounding after NECC: Higher standards, superior outcomesSterile compounders have voluntarily undertaken several upgrades to their processes and products. The results benefit patients, pharmacists, and the profession overall.
Murder and other criminal charges filed against NECC executivesThe feds are throwing the book at NECC. Here are some of the details.
NECC pharmacist owner charged with second-degree murderThe owner and head pharmacist of the now-defunct New England Compounding Center (NECC), based in Framingham, Mass., and the supervisory pharmacist were charged with 25 counts of second-degree murder in seven states, more than two years following a nationwide fungal meningitis outbreak, according to December 17 statement by the U.S. Justice Department.
DQSA: New regs give FDA broader powers over compoundingA direct response to the devastating fungal meningitis outbreak linked to NECC, the Drug Quality and Security Act gives FDA needed regulatory power to oversee compounders.
NECC settlement establishes $100 million fund for victimsLast week, the New England Compounding Center's owners and insurers agreed to establish a $100 million compensation fund for its creditors, including the victims who were injured after receiving injections of contaminated steroids produced by the now bankrupt NECC. Victims have until Wednesday, January 15 to submit their claims in the case.
Quality assurance in a post-NECC worldSix steps compounding pharmacies can take to create and maintain a culture of quality assurance
Senate panel approves compounding billBill to advance to Senate for vote; NCPA also testifies on compounding before House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health