Bank Loans Help Keep Pharmacies in their Towns
Bank Loans Help Keep Pharmacies in their TownsThe needs that small pharmacies have—and how they are being met
Women Pharmacy Ownership on the RiseHow women are becoming more involved than ever in pharmacy.
DIR Fees: What NCPA Wants from Part DIn a letter to the CMS, DIR fees take precedence
New Report: PBMs Push Drug Costs
New Report: PBMs Push Drug CostsAre PBMs responsible for higher drug prices or is something else to blame?
Why This PBM Comparison Is a Bit of a WhopperAre pharmacies really comparable to fast-food outlets?
Keep prescription drug benefits in ACA, NCPA urgesNCPA sends letter to Senate on prescription issues in health-care reform.
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5 Ways to Improve Medicare Part DNCPA’s recommendations for improving the “increasingly complicated Part D marketplace.”
Pharmacists Are Flying In to Washington to Talk and PersuadeDIR fees top pharmacy legislator meetings.
Surescripts Takes Aim at Improving e-Prescribing AccuracyNew monitoring system identifies problems with e-prescription systems.